Chapter I – My Birth

My Parents Joan and Mike

I was born in Lorain, Ohio at a very young age (ha!) to my parents Mike and Joan.

My dad was a paratrooper in the 82nd Airborne Division during World War II with many combat jumps deep in enemy territory, including the D-Day Invasion. My mom was an English nurse during World War II. She was very beautiful and outgoing, and soon caught my dad’s eye at a town hall dance while he was on leave in London.

They fell in love in the turbulent days of World War II. The first product of that love was yours truly.

Born to humble beginnings, dad worked three jobs to keep the family fed with a roof over our heads. Our house was smaller than most apartments, but it didn’t matter because there were no rich people in sight to compare. Mom kept us clean and the house organized. The most important thing was that there was love in our home.

Me as a toddler

These humble beginnings, along with great family and friends was the start of a very interesting and exciting life. Please join me in about a week for the next chapter of “The Early Years” to find out about my first known interaction with a woman at about the age of 7.

- SP