2013 Year in Review


I would like to take this opportunity to thank my family, friends, and fans for another great year in pursuit of my dream. Your loyalty, encouragement, and support mean more than I can express. The greatest highlight of this past year has been having all of you in my life. Here are some, but not all, of the others:

My Family

I continue to be the luckiest man alive to have such a wonderful family….Not only my immediate family, but also all my aunts. uncles, & cousins. We continue to be close knit. I pray God leaves my sister’s health problems back in 2013. She is a courageous woman, and like my whole family, I love her dearly. Best to us in 2014!

IMG_2280 copy

IMG_7270 copy





IMG_7087 copy





Super life is all about good family!

Channel 19 Special Report


I was contacted by Jason Handman from CH 19 to do a feature story about me on the evening news. Followed me with a news crew for 2 days at my house & dtown Cleveland. The video has since gone nationwide on numerous major websites, which, in total, receive millions of hits. Video can be viewed at Superpimp.com

Barstools #5 Video on their 2013 Top 100

The above mentioned video achieved national recognition through the popular website, ‘BARSTOOL’ Out of the thousands of videos displayed on the site in 2013, it was ranked in the top 5 for the year. Quite a honor. It has since been picked up by many more sites, and the views could easily be in the millions. My thanks to “El Presidente” the founder of Barstool.

1st Place 48 Hour Film Contest

Screen Shot 2014-01-17 at 10.22.10

I was approached by a Maple Films to be the subject of a short movie. It was part of the A & E (cable network) sponsored 48 hour Movie contest. Out of 50+ clips submitted nationwide, mine came in first! Possible consideration for a reality tv show…How cool is that!

2nd Annual Pimp’s and Pimpette’s Party


pimps party

This party gets bigger & better every year, & the costumes get wilder. Watch for the announcement of this years’ event!


suit retired

In the same night one of my suits was officially retired into the “Barley House Wall of Fame.” It is truly an honor to join such company: Kyrie Irving, Joe Haden, Bill Clinton, Countless Browns, Cavs and Indians Players, Kim Kardashian and many more.

Hosted the 2013 Summer Olympics





Every year the Barley House gives me the opportunity to host this very unique mid-summer fun fest. Competitive bar games, hot women, & my crazy costume, (complete with olympic torch) makes this one of my favorites.

Whiskey Island Dunk Tank


I’ve done some crazy things this past year, but this ranks in the top 3. Robbie Flair asked me to sit in a carnival dunk tank for charity & have people pay for the chance to submerge me. In itself, no big deal. The fact I wore a full suit with shoes & socks…..Out there!!

Leukemia Repel

photo 3 (1)

The National Leukemia Society contacted me to raise money by repelling down a 13 story building in Shaker Heights. Even though afraid of heights, I did it in true SuperPimp fashion….wearing a full tuxedo! Pimpin’ Ain’t Easy.

Michael Sullivan Fundraiser


Robbie Flair & myself had the privilege to host the Michael Sullivan fundraising event held at Barley House Akron this year. It was a phenomenal success for a phenomenal man. The courage he & his family display, is an example for all to follow. Godspeed in your recovery Michael!

Movember 2013



This was my second year as a proud participant for this great charity, which benefits research into men’s prostate cancer, as part of the Barley House Movember team. It is always tough for me to shave my signature mustache, but what an important cause. Thanks to all who were a part of this effort.

Appearances on Triv Show, Fee’s Kompany, Bombsquad Radio



I was able to do many radio appearances this year. Met Mike Trivisano in studio…Got to be on air with a few of my favs, Allan Fee, Katherine Boyd, & Glenn Anderson. First time appearance with Cali Miles & Lolo Mangual on Bombsquad Radio. I LOVE RADIO!!!


The Hot Card Burn – Guinness Book

Got my name in the Guinness Book of World Records for being apart of setting the most people on fire in one place. I was asked to be part of the record by John Gadd, CEO of HOTCARDS. Exciting & different!

Hot Cards Commercial



I ordered some printing from a great local company called, Hotcards. When I went to pick it up, John Gadd, the CEO, had production crew there. I had no idea they planned on filming me as part of an impromptu promotional video for the company…called it even on the printing.

A terrible end for the Browns, but a terrific tailgate season!



Brian Burk and Jennifer West Wedding Appereance



Of the many different types of appearances I get paid to do, weddings are still one of my very favorites. (As long as it isn’t mine! :D ) It is a celebration of love, and new beginnings, shared by the couples’ family and friends. No better ingredients for a joyous event.

Recently I had the honor to be part of Brian Burk ( Dr. Bob ) and Jennifer West’s special day. Two of their best friends, Amanda Hopper and Mark Sertich, contacted me through my website regarding making an appearance at their friend’s wedding. They told me both Brian, and Jennifer were huge fans of mine, and thought it would be a great present to have me surprise them by attending.

The whole thing was planned out perfectly. After the bridal dance, the DJ had everyone return to their seats, and directed the bride to stay on the dance floor. As the first notes from my unofficial theme song ‘ Jesse’s Girl ‘rang out, I appeared at the door of the beautiful ballroom at the Tudor Arms Hotel. The smile that suddenly appeared on both of their faces could have lit the room without electricity. This above all is what makes what I do so worthwhile to me.


After doing the ‘Superpimp dance’ with the bride, greeting the groom, and meeting the rest of the wedding party, I turned to meet the other guests. I received a pleasant surprise myself by learning so many of the out of state guests knew who I was. Amazing!!! A great time was had by all.



A very special wish to Brian and Jennifer for a happy, healthy, and wealthy marriage. May yours be an example to others. Thank you Amanda and Mark for thinking of me to be part of their union. Hope all of you enjoy the pictures provided by Dennis Crider Photography.

Now Booking: Private Events, Fall Weddings and Halloween Parties

- SP

I DID IT! Rappelling fundraiser for Leukemia

photo 2 (1)


photo 3 (1)

As many of you know, last Saturday 07/27/2013, I was scheduled to rappel off a 13 story building to raise money to fight Leukemia. Today is 07/31/2013 & I’m happy to report I’m alive & well…ready to convey my experience. Thanks to all who read my blog prior to the event, and gave me such great encouragement. I appreciate all of you.

Att the top

At the top The morning of the event was overcast and rainy. First thought was maybe it would be cancelled. Part of me said it would be OK if it was, the other part said no, I want this to happen. After finding it was still on, I arrived at the building to seeing it was much higher than I had expected. Parked beneath it was an ambulance, and fire truck which I was sure was there to cart me away.

photo 2 (1)

In true Superpimp style I wore a black tuxedo for the rappel. The people who actually ran the rappelling part said in all their years doing this they had never had anybody wear a tux. They all got a great laugh as they put the harness on, and I told them of my fear of heights.

The hardest part was standing on the ledge with my heels hanging over the edge. As I stepped over the side, my concentration went from fear to handling the situation in a military manner. Almost immediately, I began to enjoy the thrill and excitement of my downward descent. As my feet hit the ground I heard a loud cheer and applause. What an awesome feeling knowing not only had I helped raise money for a great cause, but also overcame my fear. As I always say “Life begins where your comfort zone ends”
Godspeed Michael Sullivan……..Hope you all enjoy the video & pics………

- SP

photo 4

Mission Accomplished

photo 5

Michael V. Sullivan Fundraiser

photo 2

If the local and national news on T.V. was your only source as to what is happening in the world today, you may think all people do is harm each other. On the other hand, if you actually get out i and participate in life, your perception of mankind would be much different.

photo 2

Last Friday ( 07/26/13 ), Robbie Flair and myself co-hosted a fundraiser for our friend Michael V. Sullivan at Barley House Akron. Many of you know Michael as a popular young bartender at Barley House Cleveland. He is currently battling & winning his fight against Lukemia His courage in the face of this nasty disease is an inspiration to all who know him. “I’m no chump!” is his favorite battle cry directed towards his adversary.

photo 3

BH Akron was packed with his family and friends. The outpouring of love and compassion displayed in the room was enough to soften even the most hardened of hearts. Not only was there much needed financial support given to his wonderful family, but also the comfort of knowing so many people are praying for his speedy recovery.

photo 1

On behalf of Michael, his family, Robbie and myself…. Thanks to all who came out and gave of themselves in so many different ways at this great event. Please do not forget the battle continues. Take a little time to keep in touch with MIchael and his family. The littlest of gestures mean a lot in their time of need.

We are all with you Michael….You got this……………….

- SP

Be The Match Fundraiser – July 27th, 2013


My play cousin,James f. Toth, a fine man, a great husband & father, was taken too early by the terrible killer Leukemia. Thanks to research, there are many more treatments available now than were then. One very important one is made possible thru a donor match program. The next couple of posts describe how you can help & have fun in the process. This program could very well be needed by you or your family. Any questions? Contact me directly.

All donations, big or small, could me a difference: Visit My Donations Page

Be The Match® – Cleveland is launching a signature event called Be The Match Goes Over The Edge…to cure blood cancer. Over the Edge sends participants who have raised $1,000 in pledges rappelling down an office building!

Be The Match understands that families facing challenges such as blood cancer, are searching for solid ground. Our goal is to help make finding that solid ground easier. Hang out with us in support of the Be The Match mission and the families we serve.

Rappel down Tower East in beautiful Shaker Heights and help us celebrate with patients, families and friends of the Be The Match community.

See Over The Edge in Action.

Date: Saturday, July 27, 2013
Location: Tower East Office Building
20600 Chagrin Boulevard
Shaker Heights, OH 44122

There are many ways to support this event. Check out the “About Tab” for more information!

Be The Match helps patients receive the marrow or umbilical cord blood transplant they need. Thousands of patients with leukemia and other life-threatening diseases depend on Be The Match Registry® to find an unrelated donor and a second chance at life. Seventy percent of patients do not have a donor match in their family.

My Featured Story on Channel 19 Promo (Video)


It all started with an email from Jason Handman, meteorologist, and on air personality for Channel 19 News. He informed me the news director for the station saw the “Harlem Shake” video done by the Barley House, and wanted to do a feature story about me. How cool is that?!!! First time for me being on the news for something legal. :)

I looked out my front window and saw the Channel 19 news truck pull up in front of my house. Even though I knew they were there for, a nervous anticipation took hold. It’s not everyday you have people come to your house to film you up close, and personal. However, Jason, and the videographer’s (John Baligush) professionalism, quickly put me at ease.

While at the house they filmed me in regular clothes doing regular things. There are many people who have never seen me in anything other than a suit. They filmed everything from my suits and shoes in the closet, to my daughter, to my dog. It was kind of like a poor mans MTV cribs. HA! After I was filmed getting ready, they followed me to downtown Cleveland to continue the story.

Once downtown, everything turned chaotic. It was very strange, yet exciting, to do all the things I usually do with a camera recording. Everyone in the clubs really enjoyed, and got into the excitement. I couldn’t help but feel like a celebrity.

The feature story will actually air twice on Monday, May 20th. The first showing will be 10pm on their sister station, Channel 43 ( The Block). The second will follow at 11pm on Channel 19. Thanks to all who participated in the rough draft. Join me in watching the final product …should be interesting…….Till next time………..SP

Super Pimp on the news?!


It all started with an email from Jason Handman, on air personality for Channel 19 News. He informed me the news director for the station saw the Harlem Shake video done by the Barley House, and wanted to do a feature story about me. How cool is that?!!! First time for me being on the news for something legal. :)

This past Saturday night, about 8:15pm, I looked out my front window and saw the Channel 19 news truck pull up in front of my house. Even though I knew why they were there for, a nervous anticipation took hold. It’s not everyday you have people come to your house to film you up close, and personal. However, Jason’s and John Baligush’s (videographer) professionalism, quickly put me at ease.

While at the house they filmed me in regular (civilian) clothes doing regular things. There are many people who have never seen me in anything other than a suit. They filmed everything from my suits and shoes in the closet, to my daughter, to my dog. It was kind of like a poor mans MTV cribs. HA! After I was filmed getting ready, they followed me to downtown Cleveland to continue the story.

Once downtown, everything turned chaotic. It was very strange, yet exciting, to do all the things I usually do with a camera recording. Everyone in the clubs really enjoyed, and got into the excitement. I couldn’t help but feel like a celebrity.

The feature story will actually air during “sweeps week” in May. Watch for exact date on my website, Superpimp.com, Facebook, and Twitter @RealSuperPimp. Thanks to all who participated in the rough draft. Join me in watching the final product soon…should be interesting…….Till next time………

- SP

Valentine’s Day – Does Romance Still Exist?

Slick Silver Suit

The origin of St. Valentine’s Day is as clouded as why we “celebrate” it. Everyone knows February 14 is a day set aside to show our affection for someone. Certainly there are other official days during the year meant for this purpose. The difference is;the affection is expected to be shown in a romantic way. Right away you can tell the continuance of this ritual is not driven by men. HA What is not known by many is the theory of how the whole thing got started.

Interestingly enough, the observance of this day has its roots in religion, as well as paganism.On the religious side it is said to be based on the martyred Saint Valentine. Around
270 AD ( I was in high school at the time) Claudius the Cruel ruled the Roman empire. It was his contention that a strong army could not be built around married men. He declared marriage & engagements against the law. St Valentine was caught marrying couples, and was sentenced to die. He was clubbed to death, and beheaded about 278 AD. Legend has it, he befriended the jailer’s daughter, & wrote her a farewell note signed, “From your Valentine”

On the pagan side, it’s origin is loosely based on the Feast of Lupercalia. This celebration was meant as a fertility ritual. The first part of the ritual was striking women with a thong* made of goatskin.( Perhaps the original ‘thong’ HA!) During the second part, girls’ names were put in a box, then drawn out by the boys, thus pairing them off until the next feast. I think the same principle exists with internet dating. Ha! In 496 AD Pope Gelasius put an end to the feast, and renamed it, St. Valentine’s Day. An interesting side note: The thong used in in the ritual was called a ‘februa’ which eventually gave the month of February its name.

The answer to the question “ Does romance still exist”, lies within us all individually. If you look at Valentine’s Day as an expensive chore we MUST do to keep, and or continue sex with your mate…romance does not exist. If you look at it as another special opportunity to show someone how much they mean to you…romance is alive & well.

The gift you give your love interest speaks volumes as to whether or not romance, & genuine feelings, exist between you. If you’re swearing at traffic on your way to a convenience store to buy some flowers, & you believe St. Valentine’s fate was better….romance does not exist for you. ( Along with your relationship )

If your thoughts for an appropriate gift begin a few weeks before Feb. 14 then you’re on the other side of the coin. As a man you have been listening to the little clues women put out there as to what gesture will make make them feel wanted. We as men don’t put out “clues” per say, but a good woman will know what to get their man. If you put out a genuine effort to please your mate….romance does exist for you, & so will he, or she.

As is everything else in life, the way you handle your St. Valentine’s Day is a choice. If you make the wrong decision, don’t be surprised if the Facebook status under “in a relationship” changes.

To all you single, or soon to be single girls, I ask with much affection…Will you be my ‘Superpimpette’ valentine?!

Till next time………

- SP

P.S. Meanwhile, here’s some lessons some guys learned the hard away:

The Slick Silver Suit


Slick Silver Suit
People ask me what my mind set is when I look for a new suit. Most of the time I have nothing specific guiding me other than, ‘ I’ll know it when I see it ‘ Occasionally, something will come to me before I start, such as a color, or style. At that point, I’ll look until I find what was in my mind’s eye. What is extremely rare is when it seems to happen by fate. This is unmistakably the case with this suit.

The place I buy the majority of my suits is quite a distance. (Can’t tell ya cuz then I’d have to kill ya ) :D On this particular day, I just happened to be out that way & thought I would stop & talk to the owner. Well… it just wouldn’t be me if I didn’t ask him if suit came in that was my style. As it turned out, one of his suppliers had sent out one sample suit. The owner was going to send it back thinking it wouldn’t sell. Soon as I saw it I knew it had to be mine; so I rescued it from going back to the ‘ pound ‘ with no home. : )

Here are the other reasons why it had to be fate: 1) As I stated earlier, there was only the one suit & it just happened to be my size ( Suit was discontinued ) 2) It was in the back, ready for return to the supplier. Number three is the real clincher. Less than two weeks later, the band ‘ Iphonic’ asked me to be in their music video “Stand Up”. The script called for me to arrive in a DeLorean ( the car in the movie ‘Back To The Future’ ) It is made of stainless steel, which of course gives it the silver metallic look. As you will see in the video & pics I’m posting, this suit looks like a magnet would stick to it. How perfect is that? Fate I say.

The thing will always remember about this suit is how exciting and fun it was to shoot this video. How could working with the guys from the ‘ greatest party band in the land’ not be a blast? On top of that, I had the opportunity to be part of the creative process in my first music video. How cool is that???!!! I consider myself to be a very fortunate person. Till next time…………….

- SP

Check out the music video….Very entertaining & will lift your spirits…ENJOY!

Chapter 3 – Part 3

In the summertime between the 4th & 5th grade I started to hear some of my parents conversations about moving. Any decisions made by my parents regarding the family were never discussed with me. I was always told as a matter of fact what would be happening next. This was probably more the rule than the exception with most families at the time. It seems parents let kids have more say today in most everything, or at least discuss things beforehand.

When the word came down that we were moving, I was devastated. The thought of me leaving my childhood friends and familiar neighborhood was hard to comprehend. What I understood clearly was, I didn’t want to go. There was one fact that got me through the initial sadness. We were going to move into a brand new house; which did not exist yet. The house was being built by my dad & uncles. In 11 year old years;(like dog years), that would take forever, so I still had plenty of time. I would be at least married by then, I thought.

Larry Melia & I Just Before I Left the Neighborhood

Moving day arrived in the middle of 5th grade; along with many mixed emotions. In a way, I was really excited to see the new house, but did not want to leave the place I knew & loved. Since the house was on the other side of town, my best friend (Larry Melia) & I made a pact to keep our friendship together by bicycle. The realization that we could still see each other by meeting at the park, or the old neighborhood, made the world right again.

I started back to school at Charleston Elementary within a few days of moving. Even back then I was confident in my own skin, so I didn’t experience the “new kid in class” angst. As I mentioned in Chapter 1, my mom was from England. Upon arrival to the U.S., she joined a club comprised of English women who had also married American soldiers during WWII. One of the women in the club, Betty Misita, lived on the next street with her husband, son, & daughter. Her son Michael was my age & became my first new friend. He helped me meet other kids at school, as well as the neighborhood. As I will get into later, he & his family turned out to be one of the biggest influences in this period of my life.

Mr. Koval was my teacher for both the 2nd half of fifth grade & all of 6th. Of all the teachers I had, I remember the least about him as a teacher. Strangely, what does come to mind, is his relationship with Mr. Davidson, another teacher at the school. All my other teachers seemed to be what you picture they should look & act like. They appeared to me, (for reasons I can’t fully explain) like two big kids, who would rather be somewhere else, looking for a place to cause trouble. Maybe that is why he didn’t make an impression on me as a teacher. ( If you’re still alive Mr. Koval, no offense intended)

Except for the onset of puberty, Marjorie Poplar, & Bonnie McCartney, the rest of my elementary schools years were uneventful. The three things I just mentioned go together hand in hand. I’m sure you guys out there know what I mean. HA! Margy was blonde, Bonnie was brunette, and both amazingly beautiful girls. I could tell puberty was invading me, because for the first time ever in my young life, I was stumbling over words when I tried to talk with them. Even today, this is how I can tell I’m really smitten by a woman.

Coming up in Chapter 4, part 1, will be about the new neighborhood, it’s interesting people, how this period completely changed the course of my life. Part two will cover my experiences in junior high school. ( 7th & 8th grade ) Part 3 will be my stories & trials of dealing with the change of life called… puberty………………

Till next time………………

- SP

Super Pimp In A Tux?

No, I wasn’t getting married! Back in November I was part of a shoot for a commercial to be aired very soon. It is scheduled to be shown at Cinemark theaters, on the big screen, before every movie. How cool is that!!? The only thing not so cool is, my face is going to be shown about 200 times bigger than God ever intended it to be… :)

Had The Pleasure of Escorting These Beautiful Twin Sisters, Nancy (black) and Kate (purple), to the Event. Pimpin' Ain't Easy!

Saturday was the first night it was shown to the general public. Up to this point,I hadn’t even seen it. The commercial was initiated by the dynamic new Cleveland based company Unite This City, a Cleveland twist to the national company Groupon.

The launch party was a “red carpet” affair held at the Barley House Cleveland on W 6th st. The evening started with a buffet style dinner, comprised of some of the great food which Barley House has become known for. After dinner, the crowd was wowed by the first of two great “fire” shows put on by Cleveland’ own Robbie Flair. Ray Glime ( DJ EXCEL) MC’ed the event, & also supplied the music in his own unique style.

Next up was the highlight of the evening, the premiere showing of the much anticipated UTC commercial. If I was to say I wasn’t nervous, I’d be telling a lie. I wanted the commercial to be the success the two companies envisioned… especially my part.

When I first appeared, a cheer came from the crowd. I could not ever express in words how great that felt. At the end of the showing ,a wonderful round of applause filled the room in appreciation for a job well done by everyone involved. I was very happy for Don DiFranco & his staff who had worked so hard to make everything happen.

This for me, was another giant step in reaching my dream. A very special thank you to all my family, friends, & fans who turned out to support me on this very special night…..Hope you enjoy the pics………Till next time……………..

- SP

The Snakeskin Suit

Super Pimp Snake Suit
As many of you know, I am in a constant quest to find suits that define my style. Due to the fact most men’s suits are boring, the search becomes harder & harder. In most stores you can find the standard three button, black, navy blue, or gray suit. These are fine for most men & I don’t ever knock their choice. However, to me, these suits should come with a bottle of “No-Doze” in the pocket. I want something that makes me feel amped when I wear it, & stimulates those who see it.

Super Pimp Snake Suit

On a day when I thought all was lost in my search for a different suit, there in front of me appeared the “Snakeskin”. Wow! To me it was like the prospector who is panning for gold; pushes aside the black sand & the sun shines on a big nugget. Not only did it have the vibrant, shiny colors, but also a style so unique it seems to reach out & bite ya. This suit embodies what I consider a true “Superpimpin’ look.

Super Pimp Snake Suit

One of my very favorite nights wearing Super Pimp Snake Suit this outfit was at the Barley House shortly after my Scene magazine cover article hit the stands. I was feeling such a natural high. Looking good in the suit…hanging out at one of my favorite places with a great group of friends…celebrating a wonderful highlight of my dream. Real special times don’t come along in life as much as we would like. Each one needs to be embraced to the fullest. That night, I certainly did……….Till next time………

- SP

P.S. NO reptiles died in the making of this suit. HA! : D

A Very Humbling Experience

Have you ever noticed how much different your voice sounds to you when you hear it back on a recording? I think in most cases, we are not pleased by how we really sound. When we look into the mirror that we use to put our best face forward, our mind’s eye can make us look better than what might be the case. The reality in both of these instances can be fairly humbling to us…human nature. Well, I had my humbling experience here recently.

A very talented photographer by the name of Michael Cavotta took my commercial headshot last Saturday. He starts with a personal consultation in advance of the shoot where he “gets under the hood” as he says it to see who his clients are on the inside to better reveal them from the outside.

I walked into his brickwall studio and immediately noticed the two very bright light fixtures he uses to take his headshots. My instant thought was that those lights plus my slightly over 21 yr old face are not going to create perfect harmony.

However, It didn’t take long for Michael’s professionalism to take over, leading me to concentrate on working with him instead of worrying about what I would look like.

During the shoot, Michael and I reviewed the proofs. Just as I had feared—the combination of bright lights, pro camera and a 30” monitor revealed the humbling flaws of age. You would think I was disappointed with the picture—and you would be wrong.

Michael was able to capture a look that somehow trumped the ravages of time. At the end of the day, I’m still very comfortable in my skin. I’m proud of the fact I earned every wrinkle. I’m still standing tall and have a smile for all………

Whether you earn your living in front of a camera of not, for professional headshots Superpimp recommends Michael Cavotta – Cleveland Headshot Photography

Till next time……….

- SP

Video Appearance: Hardcore Hall & Oates (NSFW) – Drug Deal Gone Bad!

Since Mike Polk & Chad Zumock invited me to be in this video, my career is now almost complete! Enjoy:

My New Year Resolution

MayMike Super Pimp I first of all wish my family, friends, and fans a happy, healthy, & prosperous New Year. I want to thank you all for loving & supporting me this past year. It was a wonderful year; filled with personal and professional triumphs. Words can not express the gratitude I have for all who have helped me towards achieving my dream. In the next few weeks I will be writing a summary of events which happened last year, along with the goals for the new one. But for right now I want to shift gears, and address my fans & followers.

Since the launch of my website, Superpimp.com, early last year, many of you have faithfully followed, and interacted with me via the site. It was very gratifying for me to have so many of you letting me know how much you enjoyed visiting it. As the year went on, many different reasons caused me to neglect the site by not adding content to it on a regular basis. In turn, many of you became disappointed & either visited a lot less often, or quit coming at all. I really feel I let down the people who were kind enough to visit, as well as, appreciate it. I would like to take this opportunity to sincerely apologize to all of you. I sometimes forgot the genuine sentiments you conveyed to me about what it meant to you…for this I am truly sorry.

I don’t normally make New Year’s resolutions because I’m perfect. ( Don’t ask anyone else to verify that HA! ) This year is different. My promise to all who follow me is, to keep my website the entertaining, informative, and inspiring source I started it out to be. If not every day, every week, there will be new blogs, videos, as well as new features added. If you haven’t been to Superpimp.com in awhile, you”ll see it has been reorganized to be easier to follow, with some new, & exciting categories.

For those of you who continued to visit my site through this lacks time, I thank you. For those who gave up on it, I would like to invite you back. Any input to make it better is not only welcomed, but also appreciated. It is, after all, for you.

Thanks to all of you or continuing to inspire me to be my best….Means the world to me. Till next time…Good family, Good friends, & Good times……………

- SP

What’s your new years resolution?

Thanks for Thanksgiving

If we are supposedly the highest form of nature, why is it most of the time we don’t act natural? Without hesitation, or reservation, most other species show appreciation for each other in one way or another at any time……naturally. We as the human species many times won’t express the thanks we feel in our hearts towards those we love until a holiday.And so I say, “thanks to Thanksgiving”

Thanks for giving me the way to tell my family, friends, & fans how much I love & appreciate them when maybe it would feel awkward otherwise. On this day I want to express to all my brothers & sisters of the military, & their families, the thanks I feel for the sacrifices you make. Having been overseas away from my family while serving, I know how you feel.

A thought to those who may be estranged from a loved one, whether it be family, friend,or ex. There was probably a Thanksgiving past when there was love, & happiness between you. Everyone makes a mistake, no one is perfect. Draw upon those memories; ask for or give forgiveness, then you too can say “THANKS FOR THANKSGIVING”……….Till next time……….

- SP

SuperPimp Party every Friday Night at Velvet Dog

EVERY Friday night, starting this Fri. 11/9, I will be be hosting the “Superpimp Party”on the 2nd fl. How will it differ from anywhere else? The fact that it is going to be a true party atmosphere rather than a club type atmosphere. With your help & support I hope to create a place to go that actually helps you meet people. Many times we go out, listen to music, have a drink, ( or 12 ) then go home feeling as empty as when you came. Not at my party! When you attend my party, it will be easier to meet new people, as well as existing friends. After all, isn’t that basically why we hit downtown?

It’s a typical Friday night at the Velvet Dog; one of the longest lasting popular clubs on West Sixth. The floor level of the club is alive with people and loud music. It is winter time & the rooftop patio is closed. Some people prefer to climb the wooden steps leading to the small, quieter bar on the third floor. As you climb the stairs, about halfway up on the left, are the double doors that lead to the second floor bar. Although it is a nice room, roughly the same size as the main bar, many times it is closed except for special events or overflow on busy nights. Many of you pass it by because you peeked in and saw it was basically empty……this is where “The West Sixth Experiment “ begins.

As I stated earlier, this is an experiment. Without your help I can not put together the right formula. Come see me, your smiling HOST & about 200 of your current & future relationships, 2nd fl Velvet Dog, this Fri.( Every Fri.) For V.I.P. bottle service at great prices, contact me vip@superpimp.com. Any questions, suggestions, updates, email me personally!

See you there…the place to be seen……………..SP

Butt Watchers Shades & Appereal Launch Party

I would like to invite all of you to the official Cleveland launch party for Buttwatcher shades at the Velvet Dog hosted by yours truly.

Mark the 28th of September on your calendars, and be my guest at one of the most fun parties of the year. Not only will we be passing out the official Buttwatchers t-shirts, but also, the beautiful Buttwatcher’s girls will be there to test out your new shades. #Don’t get caught HA!

Visit us at bwshades.com, and get your first pair of BW sunglasses. Show them at the door and go to the front of the line! …………Till next time……………..

- SP

My 21st Birthday Recap (Photos & Video)

Thursday Sept.6th marked the first time in many years I actually had a party to celebrate my birthday….what a great party it turned out to be!! Earth, one of the newest and most impressive nightclubs to hit the Cleveland scene, was nice enough to host the party. If you haven’t yet experienced the club, you’re in for a real treat.

Formerly the Odeon, Earth has undergone a wonderful transformation, guided by it’s personable new owner Eric Buckner. Large dance floor, great lighting, professional staff, & comfortable V.I.P areas mark the feel of this new addition to Cleveland. The music is headed up mainly by DJ EV and DJ Alex Kay, but many local top DJs often join the stage.

The party started out on some shaky ground when the sponsor for the V.I.P liquor fell through. Fifteen minutes before guests were scheduled to arrive, I found out we had no sponsored bottles to serve. To my rescue came Eric the owner with a generous deal which helped save the night. I am taking this opportunity to once again thank him. Anyone thinking about having a special event, I recommend giving this place a consideration.

After this situation was solved the party just got better & better. By 11:00pm the place was packed with party people wearing some stylish new sunglasses provided by the Butt Watchers brand. I am proud to say I am the brand ambassador for this great company. Check out the pics on this page to see some examples of hundreds of glasses they were kind enough to give out. You can also purchase them at BWSHADES.com

One of the many special things about the night was the fact my daughter Kelley was there. She just recently turned 18 & this was not only her first time in a club, but also our first night together in a club. Although this was a strange situation for both of us, it turned out to be a lot of fun. It is with heartfelt gratitude that I say thank you to all my family, friends, & fans who helped make this one of my most special birthdays ever…………………..till next time………….

- SP

Browns Home Opener 2012 is Upon Us

Today there is a little preview of fall in the air. This time of year can only mean one thing to the city of Cleveland, Ohio…Cleveland Browns football is back. For those of us who love tailgating, tomorrow is the start of the Muni Lot party. No matter how many times you have participated, each and every time is unique. This is truly going to be the case for me this year.

As some of you may already know I have the honor of being named the brand ambassador for the hottest new sunglasses company in the country… Butt Watchers (cool name for sure.) As a part of their ad campaign for introducing themselves to Cleveland, they will be located in the Muni tomorrow. Be sure to stop by & witness what all the buzz is about in person. We’ll be located in the first lot near the “Browns Bunch.” I will be there to help pass out some free samples of the glasses & also some one of a kind Butt Watchers Sunglasses and Apparel.

Speaking of the Browns Bunch, you can not go to the Muni to tailgate without stopping by to party with the brand ambassadors for the Cleveland Browns…..the one & only “Browns Bunch”. No better place to kick off the Brown’s season than at their iconic Brown’s bus. The music will be pumpin’ & I’ll be pimpin’. Get your Brown’s gear ready, put on your Butt Watchers sunglasses,it’s time to kick off another great season in the very best city in the world…Cleveland, OH….IO. See you there…..Go Brownies..16 wins 0 losses ( in my heart)

- SP