I DID IT! Rappelling fundraiser for Leukemia


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As many of you know, last Saturday 07/27/2013, I was scheduled to rappel off a 13 story building to raise money to fight Leukemia. Today is 07/31/2013 & I’m happy to report I’m alive & well…ready to convey my experience. Thanks to all who read my blog prior to the event, and gave me such great encouragement. I appreciate all of you.

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At the top The morning of the event was overcast and rainy. First thought was maybe it would be cancelled. Part of me said it would be OK if it was, the other part said no, I want this to happen. After finding it was still on, I arrived at the building to seeing it was much higher than I had expected. Parked beneath it was an ambulance, and fire truck which I was sure was there to cart me away.

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In true Superpimp style I wore a black tuxedo for the rappel. The people who actually ran the rappelling part said in all their years doing this they had never had anybody wear a tux. They all got a great laugh as they put the harness on, and I told them of my fear of heights.

The hardest part was standing on the ledge with my heels hanging over the edge. As I stepped over the side, my concentration went from fear to handling the situation in a military manner. Almost immediately, I began to enjoy the thrill and excitement of my downward descent. As my feet hit the ground I heard a loud cheer and applause. What an awesome feeling knowing not only had I helped raise money for a great cause, but also overcame my fear. As I always say “Life begins where your comfort zone ends”
Godspeed Michael Sullivan……..Hope you all enjoy the video & pics………

- SP

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Mission Accomplished

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