SuperPimp Party every Friday Night at Velvet Dog

EVERY Friday night, starting this Fri. 11/9, I will be be hosting the “Superpimp Party”on the 2nd fl. How will it differ from anywhere else? The fact that it is going to be a true party atmosphere rather than a club type atmosphere. With your help & support I hope to create a place to go that actually helps you meet people. Many times we go out, listen to music, have a drink, ( or 12 ) then go home feeling as empty as when you came. Not at my party! When you attend my party, it will be easier to meet new people, as well as existing friends. After all, isn’t that basically why we hit downtown?

It’s a typical Friday night at the Velvet Dog; one of the longest lasting popular clubs on West Sixth. The floor level of the club is alive with people and loud music. It is winter time & the rooftop patio is closed. Some people prefer to climb the wooden steps leading to the small, quieter bar on the third floor. As you climb the stairs, about halfway up on the left, are the double doors that lead to the second floor bar. Although it is a nice room, roughly the same size as the main bar, many times it is closed except for special events or overflow on busy nights. Many of you pass it by because you peeked in and saw it was basically empty……this is where “The West Sixth Experiment “ begins.

As I stated earlier, this is an experiment. Without your help I can not put together the right formula. Come see me, your smiling HOST & about 200 of your current & future relationships, 2nd fl Velvet Dog, this Fri.( Every Fri.) For V.I.P. bottle service at great prices, contact me Any questions, suggestions, updates, email me personally!

See you there…the place to be seen……………..SP

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