Thanks for Thanksgiving

If we are supposedly the highest form of nature, why is it most of the time we don’t act natural? Without hesitation, or reservation, most other species show appreciation for each other in one way or another at any time……naturally. We as the human species many times won’t express the thanks we feel in our hearts towards those we love until a holiday.And so I say, “thanks to Thanksgiving”

Thanks for giving me the way to tell my family, friends, & fans how much I love & appreciate them when maybe it would feel awkward otherwise. On this day I want to express to all my brothers & sisters of the military, & their families, the thanks I feel for the sacrifices you make. Having been overseas away from my family while serving, I know how you feel.

A thought to those who may be estranged from a loved one, whether it be family, friend,or ex. There was probably a Thanksgiving past when there was love, & happiness between you. Everyone makes a mistake, no one is perfect. Draw upon those memories; ask for or give forgiveness, then you too can say “THANKS FOR THANKSGIVING”……….Till next time……….

- SP

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