Browns Home Opener 2012 is Upon Us

Today there is a little preview of fall in the air. This time of year can only mean one thing to the city of Cleveland, Ohio…Cleveland Browns football is back. For those of us who love tailgating, tomorrow is the start of the Muni Lot party. No matter how many times you have participated, each and every time is unique. This is truly going to be the case for me this year.

As some of you may already know I have the honor of being named the brand ambassador for the hottest new sunglasses company in the country… Butt Watchers (cool name for sure.) As a part of their ad campaign for introducing themselves to Cleveland, they will be located in the Muni tomorrow. Be sure to stop by & witness what all the buzz is about in person. We’ll be located in the first lot near the “Browns Bunch.” I will be there to help pass out some free samples of the glasses & also some one of a kind Butt Watchers Sunglasses and Apparel.

Speaking of the Browns Bunch, you can not go to the Muni to tailgate without stopping by to party with the brand ambassadors for the Cleveland Browns…..the one & only “Browns Bunch”. No better place to kick off the Brown’s season than at their iconic Brown’s bus. The music will be pumpin’ & I’ll be pimpin’. Get your Brown’s gear ready, put on your Butt Watchers sunglasses,it’s time to kick off another great season in the very best city in the world…Cleveland, OH….IO. See you there…..Go Brownies..16 wins 0 losses ( in my heart)

- SP

Tim McGraw and Kenny Chesney Tailgate

This past Sunday was one of those days I did not want to end. The weather was perfect, and the people of our great city were sick with party fever. The difference between this “sickness” & others is simple: no one was looking for a cure.

It was the day of the Tim McGraw & Kenny Chesney concert in our own Cleveland Browns stadium, and many people decided to make this a whole day affair. Muni lot was filled with not only Chesney fans, but also fans of the party. I’m not a huge country music fan, but l certainly like some of it. Just like on St Patty’s day when I’m a little Irish, I was little bit country Sunday.

I have always said Cleveland has some of best looking girls in the world, and being at the Muni tailgating Sunday reminded me why. The most prominent “uniform” for the girls was a hat (either straw or cowboy), halter tops, Daisy Duke shorts, and cowboy boots….Wow!!! For the men, no shirts, shorts, sneaks, & an ear to ear grin caused by many adult beverages & so many beautiful women. HA!

It was kind of strange tailgating at the Muni without a Brown’s game to follow. Country music filled the air along with the anticipation of the concert. With this being said, you could still feel the upcoming Brown’s football season. The legendary “Browns Bunch” was there in force, & many fans were wearing the gear. People are already feeling like the summer is going by too quickly. The positive is…..our great Cleveland Browns football is just around the corner……Till next time

- SP

Browns Tailgate IV – Sunday Funday 2011

Thanx for stopping by.

It’s been an exciting couple of weeks regarding attaining my dream. There was the article in the Cleveland Scene Online Magazine, which received more feedback than any other article that day by far. This week was my interview on the Alan Cox Show. I will tell you more about that experience a little bit later.

On a different note, Sunday was the most monumental Browns tailgate party of all time.

The weather was absolutely perfect (especially for late October.) The women were all hot, the guys were all cool. Believe it or not, there were some people indulging in a variety of adult beverages. Cleveland knows how to throw a party, and how to still love their Browns, through ups and downs.

There were many highlights:

First and foremost, I was able to spend some time with some new Superpimp fans, as well as the tried and true. Even after all these years, it still amazes me what wonderful people live in and around Cleveland.

The Tailgate Deejays did a wonderful encore performance of the Chariots of Fire slow motion skit. Did anyone catch that on video?

The Browns Bunch did their usual, and now expected, great job of entertaining a large crowd. I ran into Chad Zumock partying on their famous Browns Bunch Bus (a real nice vehicle). He was great as always. The Browns Bunch and all their friends are truly wonderful people.

I stopped by the WMMS tailgate party at the Muni to say hello to Alan Cox and thank him again for having me on his show. There were many local celebs present such as Machine Gun Kelly (a very nice and humble young man), Big Dog, Captain Cleveland, DJ EV and Party Pana rocked the party all day with good music. Sorry guys, but my personal highlight was when Erika form the Alan Cox Show came up to talk with me. For those of you who have not seen her in person, she is one beautiful, as well as gracious person.

I hope you enjoy the pix we’re posting. If you have some, be sure to post them on Facebook.

Be on the lookout for Chapter III – The Elementary Years coming soon.

- SP

Browns Tailgate II – Sunday Funday 2011

Tailgating on Browns Sunday is a spiritual happening. This past Sunday was no exception.

There were angelic looking women and devilish men, all attending the church of the Browns. Everyone was doing their own ritual with a common theme: An equal love for the Browns and for the Party.

I kept my promise not to go to the pit in protest for the greedy pedestrian fee. And what a great decision that was: “Muni” was in rare form.

The highlights of the day at “Muni”:

#1: The slow motion game played to “Chariots of Fire” music. What a creative and entertaining skit! Hilarious! It was performed by the guys at the “only tailgate with a dance floor”, the DJs tailgate.

#2: The always great job done by the “Browns Bunch” bringing music and excitement to the party. They always treat me well. Loved braking it down to “Jessie’s Girl.” Thanks guys. You are becoming tailgating legends.

I invite you all to share your best moments at last weeks tailgate party and the Browns win.

See you all this Sunday at the “Muni”…..

BROWNS 99 Titans 0

- SP