Butt Watchers Shades & Appereal Launch Party

I would like to invite all of you to the official Cleveland launch party for Buttwatcher shades at the Velvet Dog hosted by yours truly.

Mark the 28th of September on your calendars, and be my guest at one of the most fun parties of the year. Not only will we be passing out the official Buttwatchers t-shirts, but also, the beautiful Buttwatcher’s girls will be there to test out your new shades. #Don’t get caught HA!

Visit us at bwshades.com, and get your first pair of BW sunglasses. Show them at the door and go to the front of the line! …………Till next time……………..

- SP

My 21st Birthday Recap (Photos & Video)

Thursday Sept.6th marked the first time in many years I actually had a party to celebrate my birthday….what a great party it turned out to be!! Earth, one of the newest and most impressive nightclubs to hit the Cleveland scene, was nice enough to host the party. If you haven’t yet experienced the club, you’re in for a real treat.

Formerly the Odeon, Earth has undergone a wonderful transformation, guided by it’s personable new owner Eric Buckner. Large dance floor, great lighting, professional staff, & comfortable V.I.P areas mark the feel of this new addition to Cleveland. The music is headed up mainly by DJ EV and DJ Alex Kay, but many local top DJs often join the stage.

The party started out on some shaky ground when the sponsor for the V.I.P liquor fell through. Fifteen minutes before guests were scheduled to arrive, I found out we had no sponsored bottles to serve. To my rescue came Eric the owner with a generous deal which helped save the night. I am taking this opportunity to once again thank him. Anyone thinking about having a special event, I recommend giving this place a consideration.

After this situation was solved the party just got better & better. By 11:00pm the place was packed with party people wearing some stylish new sunglasses provided by the Butt Watchers brand. I am proud to say I am the brand ambassador for this great company. Check out the pics on this page to see some examples of hundreds of glasses they were kind enough to give out. You can also purchase them at BWSHADES.com

One of the many special things about the night was the fact my daughter Kelley was there. She just recently turned 18 & this was not only her first time in a club, but also our first night together in a club. Although this was a strange situation for both of us, it turned out to be a lot of fun. It is with heartfelt gratitude that I say thank you to all my family, friends, & fans who helped make this one of my most special birthdays ever…………………..till next time………….

- SP

Browns Home Opener 2012 is Upon Us

Today there is a little preview of fall in the air. This time of year can only mean one thing to the city of Cleveland, Ohio…Cleveland Browns football is back. For those of us who love tailgating, tomorrow is the start of the Muni Lot party. No matter how many times you have participated, each and every time is unique. This is truly going to be the case for me this year.

As some of you may already know I have the honor of being named the brand ambassador for the hottest new sunglasses company in the country… Butt Watchers (cool name for sure.) As a part of their ad campaign for introducing themselves to Cleveland, they will be located in the Muni tomorrow. Be sure to stop by & witness what all the buzz is about in person. We’ll be located in the first lot near the “Browns Bunch.” I will be there to help pass out some free samples of the glasses & also some one of a kind Butt Watchers Sunglasses and Apparel.

Speaking of the Browns Bunch, you can not go to the Muni to tailgate without stopping by to party with the brand ambassadors for the Cleveland Browns…..the one & only “Browns Bunch”. No better place to kick off the Brown’s season than at their iconic Brown’s bus. The music will be pumpin’ & I’ll be pimpin’. Get your Brown’s gear ready, put on your Butt Watchers sunglasses,it’s time to kick off another great season in the very best city in the world…Cleveland, OH….IO. See you there…..Go Brownies..16 wins 0 losses ( in my heart)

- SP

Browns Suit

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, a very young kid sat in front of a tv. with only three channels. On Saturday mornings he would watch larger than life superheroes, capable of doing things no ordinary man could. On Sundays he would watch a different kind of superhero. A man who still could do the things ordinary man couldn’t, but the difference being, he was flesh & blood, not a fictional character. It seemed no single man could stop him….he ran with such power & speed it seemed he could fly…. always found a way to defeat his foes. This man’s name was Jim Brown; who proudly wore the uniform of our Cleveland Browns. The very young kid who idealized him was yours truly. This was the start of my life long love affair with the Browns.

During the eighteen years of having season tickets I wore all the typical fan garb to the games. About a year ago I decided it was time to “pimplify“ what I wore in support of our team. Of course the choice was a suit…what else could it be? I went to many different clothing stores looking for an orange suit with a Browns tie. Maybe you can imagine how tough it was to find these two items.

The first time I wore The Browns Suit was the home opener tailgate of last season. (2011). Surprising as it may seem, that was the first tailgate I had ever attended. A true example of one of my favorite original terms “ testicular fortitude “ i.e. balls, is walking into your first Muni Lot tailgate wearing an orange zoot suit, with your hair dyed to look like a Brown’s helmet. PImpin’ ain’t easy…..Ha!

As a part of my suit stories, I usually include one of my favorite times wearing the suit….however this situation is different. Every time I wear this suit showing my individual pride in our Cleveland Browns & the city they represent, it is the most special time. Every time I wear this suit as part of the pride I have in being a part of the greatest group of fans in the NFL, that is the most special time.

Keep the faith……the Browns are back! ……….GO BROWNS!……………..Till next time……

- SP