Memorial Weekend Recap

On July 9th a long time ago, about thirty men in their late teens, early twenties, boarded a bus in downtown Lorain. I was one of those young men. We were headed to the Federal Building in Cleveland to start the induction process for entering the United States Army. Ten of those great young men never saw the age of 22. On behalf of my friends who died, their families,and all the other men, women, and their families who made the ultimate sacrifice defending our country…..WE SALUTE YOU……this past Memorial Day, and all to come.

This past Memorial weekend I was at one of my favorite places…Put-N-Bay. It had been nearly three years ago since I’d been there. I was stoked to participate in the debauchery which defines the islands. This is the only place I do not wear a suit to party. Considering I wasn’t wearing a suit, I hadn’t been there in so long, and people come from all over, I had already prepared myself not to be as recognized as I am usually accustomed. Boy was I wrong!

There were fans from all over the country who were nice enough to say hello and ask for a pic. California, New York, Philadelphia, Arizona amongst others. The first words out of most everyone’s mouth was either “Where’s the suit?” or “ I can’t believe you’re here & not in Cleveland”

The place has really changed in some ways i.e. many new bars & restaurants, but still has the feeling of being on some faraway island in a world of its own. We arrived on a 35 ft cabin cruiser Thurs. afternoon & stayed until Sunday. Good friends, the famous bbq chicken, Mad Dog Adams at the Roundhouse, Beer Barrel Saloon, Frosty’s, and of course, booze, combined to make it one great weekend. Can’t wait until “Christmas in July” at the islands!…….Till next time…………….

- SP

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