My Daughter’s High School Graduation

Most of the time I share with fans milestones in attaining my dream. This time the milestone is in my personal life. I am proud to announce my daughter’s graduation from Mentor High School. Graduating from high school in itself may not seem like such a big deal, but when it’s your child it takes on a whole new dimension.

Pre-graduation preparation is a lot different depending on if you’re a boy a girl. Speaking from the male side, I remember five years ago when I graduated ( Give or take one or two yrs. HA! ) preparation was minimal. All I thought about was the different pranks I could pull off, and which girls I wanted to keep in touch with afterwards. Watching my daughter get ready, I learned what the girls do; hair, nails, under robe outfits. Under robe outfits? What in the hell is up with that. The robe is from the neck to the shoes, but for whatever reason, girls take great pains in choosing just the right apparel. On the opposite end of the spectrum, I almost wore nothing under my robe. Ha!

The ceremony was very moving. The speeches were brief but inspirational. You may hear from the media how bad the public schools are, and how much the teachers/administrators don’t care. I heard genuine emotion in the voices of the staff, which left me feeling like they’re own children were leaving. As I listened to other names being called waiting for my daughter’s, I promised myself I wouldn’t cry. Then I heard her name……another promise broken.

After the ceremony, my sister, my nephew’s wife, and I met her outside the Wolstein Center. I looked my little girl in the face, and saw a beautiful young woman starting her adult life. My mind’s eye still saw the face I used to push on the swings.

Congratulations to my daughter, Kelley, for graduating!

- SP
With my sister Carole

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