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We have all at one time identified ourselves with a t.v show that made us feel like one of the stars was created based on our image. That show for me in the 80s was “Miami Vice”, and in my mind I was Sonny Crockett personified. He wore the pastel-colored suits which accented his tan. The women all flocked to his rugged good looks, self confidence, and unique style.

In the eighties the hot clubs in Cleveland were O’Malley’s, Coconuts, and the Bomb Squadron (across from the airport) By coincidence, I met a black man by the name of Eddy, and we started hitting the clubs together. For those of you that remember, Crockett’s sidekick was Tubbs, a well dressed black guy. Well of course when we walked in anywhere we were known as Crockett & Tubbs. ( An association that worked out quite well for us with the ladies.) Hate when that happens….Ha!

I bought this suit about two years in the beginning of the summer. When I first laid eyes on it , many great memories of that era came rushing back. I knew it would be mine, but I had one large obstacle to overcome. If I was truly going to be Sonny Crockett in that suit…..he never wore a tie…..I always wear a tie. As silly as it seems, it was hard for me to go out of my comfort zone and not wear a tie.

The first night I wore the suit was my favorite night with that suit so far. It was a very hot, humid night, and although I was feeling the Miami vibe, as I was walking into the club I was apprehensive as to how the fans would accept the fact I was out of “uniform” so to speak. As soon as I walked in a very beautiful fan came up to me and asked to take a picture with “ Don Johnson” Wow! I couldn’t have asked for a better start to a great night.

As a side note; isn’t it funny that no matter how confident you are as a person, when we step out of our comfort zone ( new style haircut, clothes etc) we wait for that first person to come and say “ I like it “ to feel like a million bucks………till next time

- SP