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Why have I never considered wearing, let alone buying, a red suit until recently? Quite frankly, because I never thought I looked good in red. It didn’t matter if it was a shirt, pants, sweater, I never felt comfortable in red. This suit story re-emphasizes why we shouldn’t prejudge something solely on our past experiences or tastes.

Several months ago I was negotiating with Tom Rini to become part of his great Crav Vodka promotion team. I started by looking up his website to determine his marketing look, or style. What jumped out at me was his use of the word “Passion”, highlighted by bold red & black colors. My idea was to break my no red rule & show up at our meeting with a bold red suit, with a black silk shirt & tie; carrying a bottle of Crav.

I went to my favorite suit store and found the suit & accessories I had in my minds eye. The next step was to try it on; having already determined I wouldn’t be happy. When I looked in the mirror, I was pleasantly hocked. Maybe because my expectations were so low, or perhaps I just keep getting younger every day. ( the Horseshoe Casino has set the odds that it’s the first of the two reasons. HA!)

My favorite night so far in the suit, was at a fundraiser which I was asked to make an appearance. It was a blind bachelor auction benefiting the students & families of the Chardon High School shootings. I was way out of my comfort zone that night. As I have always stated as part of my “Pimpology 101” course study; “ life begins where your comfort zone ends” So when the evening ended as a great success, it was a tremendous relief. I met so many wonderful people who selflessly gave of their time, had fun, & made a bunch of money for a great cause. Can’t ask for more than that. ( As a side note, I was auctioned off for $1.17 cents……..Just
kidding……………$1.18 cents)

- SP