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Suit Name:

Pink Panther 2

Where and When Did I Get This Suit?

I got this suit from a now defunct clothing store at Richmond mall. The middle eastern man that owned the store was a nice guy. At the time he also owned a store in Elyria where I had met him originally.

What does this suit mean to me?

This suit was a Godsend to me. My original pink suit, (The one featured in the Charles Barkley Cavs video) has seen it’s better days. I thought I’d never find one to replace it until I stumbled onto it. When I saw it, my heart skipped a beat.

My Favorite Night In This Suit:

One of my favorite nights in this suit is the night the picture to the left was taken. The girls approached me to take the pic at the beginning of the night. They were a lot of fun and this turned out to be one of my personal favs. Later that night, I met and had drinks with Siren, one of the girls from the American Gladiator TV show. After that I had shrimp & champagne on a $500,000 boat. The night ended with a proposition to join a man and his wife in a threesome. (It was a great temptation, but I respectfully declined.)