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A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, a very young kid sat in front of a tv. with only three channels. On Saturday mornings he would watch larger than life superheroes, capable of doing things no ordinary man could. On Sundays he would watch a different kind of superhero. A man who still could do the things ordinary man couldn’t, but the difference being, he was flesh & blood, not a fictional character. It seemed no single man could stop him….he ran with such power & speed it seemed he could fly…. always found a way to defeat his foes. This man’s name was Jim Brown; who proudly wore the uniform of our Cleveland Browns. The very young kid who idealized him was yours truly. This was the start of my life long love affair with the Browns.

During the eighteen years of having season tickets I wore all the typical fan garb to the games. About a year ago I decided it was time to “pimplify“ what I wore in support of our team. Of course the choice was a suit…what else could it be? I went to many different clothing stores looking for an orange suit with a Browns tie. Maybe you can imagine how tough it was to find these two items.

The first time I wore The Browns Suit was the home opener tailgate of last season. (2011). Surprising as it may seem, that was the first tailgate I had ever attended. A true example of one of my favorite original terms “ testicular fortitude “ i.e. balls, is walking into your first Muni Lot tailgate wearing an orange zoot suit, with your hair dyed to look like a Brown’s helmet. PImpin’ ain’t easy…..Ha!

As a part of my suit stories, I usually include one of my favorite times wearing the suit….however this situation is different. Every time I wear this suit showing my individual pride in our Cleveland Browns & the city they represent, it is the most special time. Every time I wear this suit as part of the pride I have in being a part of the greatest group of fans in the NFL, that is the most special time.

Keep the faith……the Browns are back! ……….GO BROWNS!……………..Till next time……

- SP