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Suit Name:

“Electric Blue”

Where and When Did I Get This Suit?

It is actually the first of the very few non-suits I own. By that, I mean a coat which did not come with it’s own pants. It was an orphan, so to speak, due to the fact someone bought the pants, vest, and the regular length suit coat designed to be worn under Electric Blue. Apparently the boy didn’t have the “testicular fortitude” to wear the knee length jacket.

His loss, was my gain. There it was, hanging in all its glory, all alone, waiting to be “adopted”. Knowing the proprietor of the store was stuck with the coat, I made my offer….$20 bucks. He said it was worth 5 times that amount, and I said, you’re right. However, you already got your money out of it by selling the rest of the suit and nobody is going to buy a bright royal blue knee length suit coat with no pants, i replied.. He looked at me and said, “ You have ‘nads’ the size of bowling balls”! I gave him the $20, he threw in a free pair of socks and I walked out with Electric Blue.

What does this suit mean to me?

The next weekend I matched up the coat with black pants from one of my other suits, found the perfect tie for $5 on sale, and headed out for a night on the town. Although math was never my strong point, I figure I have $25 invested in what is even to this day, one of my favorites. All the compliments I’ve received in the last ten years due to this suit is testimony to one of my original lessons of Pimpology 101..“It’s not what you paid for it; it’s how you wear it.”

My Favorite Night In This Suit:

Since this one of my older suits, with so many great memories, it is hard to pinpoint just one, but i will.

I always wanted to go to South Beach for vacation. I had been to Daytona many times, but there was this mystique about the place where the stars go to hang out. A few years ago I finally got my opportunity. My first night there I wore the Pink Panther suit, the second night the Electric Blue. What a perfect Florida night in late March; 70 degrees with a nice breeze off the ocean. I was walking down Ocean Dr. when I passed one of many outdoor restaurants. There, were seven people from Brazil having dinner together and they called me over to introduce themselves ( four girls & three guys, all beautiful people inside & out). After a few drinks, we went to the “Clevelander“ nightspot. (Look for a complete review of the Clevelander in South Beach, soon on “Superpimp Places”).

South Beach rocks till 4am, then the real party starts. We went back to their adjoining suites for a few more drinks on the beautiful terrace overlooking the lights of this vibrant city.

At this point, as in any good G-rated movie, the lights slowly dim, and the next thing you see is the sun rising.

Until next time,

- SP