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Suit Name:

“Magic Coat”

Where and When Did I Get This Suit?

This suit is one of the few I couldn’t make up my mind about. Most of the time I see a suit and I know it’s me without even trying it on. Even with the suits that catch my eye, but I don’t take to immediately, I decide one way or the other before I leave the store. With this one, it took me three more times to see it over an eight month period to make a final decision. I finally bought it about a year and a half ago.

What does this suit mean to me?

This suit has a special meaning to me in a very different way than many of my others. It is the most interactive suit I own. Both men and women ask to try on my suit coats. They usually show their friends and take pictures. This coat, more than any other, is requested to be tried on. I am not exactly sure why; it’s just the way it is. Watching people completely change their mood and personality by just wearing a garment is so inspiring to me. My true joy comes from watching usually introverted persons become on the outside what they only allowed themselves to be on the inside.

My Favorite Night In This Suit:

Unlike my other suits, I don’t have just one special night having to do with me, but rather many ongoing nights of bringing happiness to others. I am very blessed to have the ability to create a good time out of anything I choose to do. Unfortunately most people do not for one reason or another. I just love the power I have to bring a smile to people’ faces, and exercise this power every opportunity I get. A very important tool I have to accomplish my quest is what I call the “Magic Suit.” For just that few minutes it’s worn, people of all ages “magically” forget the clouds in their life, and feel the sun on their face.
Until next time,

- SP