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As many of you know, I am in a constant quest to find suits that define my style. Due to the fact most men’s suits are boring, the search becomes harder & harder. In most stores you can find the standard three button, black, navy blue, or gray suit. These are fine for most men & I don’t ever knock their choice. However, to me, these suits should come with a bottle of “No-Doze” in the pocket. I want something that makes me feel amped when I wear it, & stimulates those who see it.

On a day when I thought all was lost in my search for a different suit, there in front of me appeared the “Snakeskin”. Wow! To me it was like the prospector who is panning for gold; pushes aside the black sand & the sun shines on a big nugget. Not only did it have the vibrant, shiny colors, but also a style so unique it seems to reach out & bite ya. This suit embodies what I consider a true “Superpimpin’ look.

One of my very favorite nights wearing this outfit was at the Barley House shortly after my Scene magazine cover article hit the stands. I was feeling such a natural high. Looking good in the suit…hanging out at one of my favorite places with a great group of friends…celebrating a wonderful highlight of my dream. Real special times don’t come along in life as much as we would like. Each one needs to be embraced to the fullest. That night, I certainly did……….Till next time………

- SP